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Brett Milburn takes SRA 360 Sprintcar Diggers Cup Win
Author : Ian Vale

Brett Milburn finish the season on a high last night at Avalon Raceway to win the SRA 360 Sprintcar Diggers Cup from three of the new generation drivers, Rusty Hickman took second place while Brayden Parr finished in third and Jordyn Charge came home in fourth place.

Twenty six 360 sprintcars were in the Avalon Raceway pits for the inaugural SRA 360 Sprintcar Diggers Cup ready for the their time trials and heat races to try to qualify for the sixteen car A Main presented by A Plus Powder Coating.

Rusty Hickman, Chad Ely and Jordyn Charge set the fastest times in their time trial qualifying group that would give them a front row start in their first heat races.

Six heats races were contested that would see Braydan Parr take two heat wins that would also make him the top points qualifier heading into the WSS dashes, other heat wins went to Rusty Hickman, Domain Ramsay, Micheal Tancredi and Chris Campbell.

Brett Milburn gain enough points to just make it into the Bronze dash along with Michael Tancredi and Domain Ramsay, Chad Ely was also to be in the dash but missed the session with a mechanical issue.

Both Milburn and Tancredi advanced to the Silver Dash who was joined by Jordyn Charge and Darren Clarke.

Charge set the best time to go to the Gold dash taking Milburn with him to go up against the top two qualifiers Braydan Parr and Rusty Hickman.

Drama was to strike on the last lap of the Gold dash for Charge when he made contact with the turn three wall and rolled after setting the best lap time of the Gold dash. Milburn would set the second quickest time and start on the front row with Charge if the V60 machine could be repaired in time.

Row two of the Diggers Cup feature race was now occupied by Parr and Hickman, row three had Clarke and Tancredi while the row four line up would be Ramsay and Ely who would be joined by the next four qualifiers, Paul Solomon, Chris Campbell, James Wren and David Aldersley.

The final event before the A Main was the last chance B Main event that was taken out by Travis Miller from Ben Gartner, Stacey Galliford and Brenten Farrer who would all transfer to the rear of the Digger Cup A Main.

With the field set and ready for the Avalon Raceway inaugural SRA 360 Diggers Cup the front row drivers of Charge and Milburn wasted no time looking to take the race lead but before a full lap was completed the red lights were on that would see the demise of both Clarke who rolled and Campbell who received too much damage to continue. Take two and it was Miller who made contact with the turn three to be retired from the event.

Third time lucky and the race was under way with Milburn jumping into the race lead while Hickman passed Charge to demote him to third place. A few laps in and Farrer spun to the infield with front end damage bring on the caution lights.

Under way once more and it was Milburn leading with Hickman in close proximity from Parr who had passed Charge followed by Ramsay, Solomon, Aldersley and Galliford in the top eight positions when Tancredi rolled to the infield with flat right rear tire.

Up front the leaders were working their way thru lapped traffic with Hickman keeping touch with Milburn, ten to go and Ely pulled to the infield.

Down the order Ramsay, Solomon, Aldersley and Galliford were in there own battle, as the laps wound down Solomon moved pass Ramsay to take fifth place and it was now Aldersley and Galliford trying to pass Ramsay as well who seemed to be having a right rear tire issue.

But on the night there was no denying Brett Milburn of the SRA 360 Digger Cup race win after leading the race all the way to finish a little over one second ahead of Rusty Hickman, Brayden Parr took third place, Jordyn Charge had done well to take fourth place after the rushed repairs required from his dash accident. Rounding out the finishers were Paul Solomon, David Aldersley, Stacey Galliford, Domain Ramsay, Ben Gartner and James Wren.

The race win capped another good season for Brett Milburn who recently also defended his Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series Crown to take out the Series once again.

The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria thanks the following 360 Sprintcar Sponsors.

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